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Last September we visited our friends in the north of Italy, and one day as we walked across a bridge in the town of Bassano del Grappa we heard music. Accordion music, to be exact. Maybe it’s cliche, but it made us turn to see what was going on. Shortly […]

Impromptu Italian Chorus

  When I first visited Florence in 2001, I remember seeing a gigantic menu outside what was supposed to be the best gelateria in the city. The list of flavors included carrot and avocado, and I was very disappointed to see that neither flavor was on offer during our stay […]

Gelato: It’s Not Just for Dessert Anymore

  I’m going to acknowledge right up front that I’m completely biased here, but I think Italy is the food and fashion capital of the world (not necessarily in that order). While I can talk with some authority about food, in that I eat it pretty much every day, I’m […]

Famous Stilettos, Papal Fashion Inspiration: Italian Fashion News

Want to see an Italian Formula 1 car in action, but don’t want to pay the high ticket prices at Monza or San Marino? Head to the Ferrari test track outside Bologna. The husband went to Monza in 2004 and had a glorious time (Ferrari was first and second on […]

Seeing (and Hearing) a Ferrari on its Home Turf: Fiorano’s ...

  Anyone who thinks the American political system is confusing is warned to not even attempt to figure out the Italian political system. (“System” might be a bit of a strong word to use there.) The husband actually did a bit of research into the whole process for an Italian […]

Italian Politics: Can You Keep Track?

While the people I’ve talked to have divided opinions about Milan, it’s undeniably a tourist destination for at least some of the people who visit Italy every year. The main sites people want to see are La Scala (especially if you’re an opera buff), the Duomo and da Vinci’s The […]

Reservations Needed for Last Supper