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Remember when I mentioned that Italian politics were confusing? Well, add this feather to that cap. Last week, Premier Romano Prodi handed in his resignation to Italy’s president following a defeat in the Senate, right? President Giorgio Napolitano rejected Prodi’s resignation over the weekend, so now he’s facing a confidence […]

Prodi Faces Confidence Votes in Parliament This Week

Now, this would be something to see – Vatican soccer teams made up of priests and trainee clergyman start playing this Saturday in a bid for the Clericus Cup. ¬† On February 19th Italy celebrated “World Slow Day,” which was apparently amazingly successful, as the announcement hit the sites I […]

Italian News Snippets: 24 February 2007

Now here’s something that makes you warm and fuzzy for two reasons – eco-friendly hotels and free train travel in Italy! Through August 2007, a handful of eco-friendly hotels in Italy are supporting eco-friendly travel by offering their guests free round-trip train tickets from anywhere in Italy. They’ll reimburse second-class […]

Eco-Friendly Hotels Offering Free Round-Trip Train Tickets

Italy’s Premier, Romano Prodi, resigned his post today “after losing a Senate vote on his government’s foreign policy” regarding Italian troop levels in Afghanistan and the expansion of an American military base in Vicenza. Italian politics are nothing short of bewildering – this is, after all, a country that has […]

Italy’s Prime Minister Resigns

Today is Marted√¨ Grasso, otherwise known as “Mardi Gras,” otherwise known as Fat Tuesday. Whatever it’s called, the idea is the same – it’s the final day before Lent begins, so it’s the last chance Catholics the world over have to gorge themselves silly on everything they’re trying to give […]

Martedi Grasso – Fat Tuesday, Italy Style