Monthly Archives: March 2007

If you’ve ever had a Baci* chocolate – those little chocolate hazelnut treats that come in silver and blue foil and have cute sayings in four languages on a little “fortune” inside – you’ve had chocolate from Perugia. That mouthful of delight, however, is only the beginning of Perugia’s place […]

Eurochocolate festival: Eating Sweet in Perugia

When the husband and I were listening to and reading about the song which won the Sanremo Song Festival this year, “Ti regalerò una rosa,” the husband did a bit more investigating and found the song which won Sanremo’s young songwriter’s competition. Like “Ti regalerò una rosa,” “Pensa” by Fabrizio […]

“Pensa” by Fabrizio Moro – Song Lyrics Translated to English

As I was browsing my Italy news feeds this morning, a pattern began to emerge… So rather than fight it, I’m giving in to it. I give you today’s collection of news bits, all having to do with beverages. First of all, we have a wonderful explanation of why Italians […]

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