Monthly Archives: April 2007

You’ve heard of Latin lovers, right? And that Italian is the language of love? (There are others who might try to lay claim to that title, too, but that’s another matter.) Well, it turns out those might be more than stereotypes. Two reports released recently in Italy indicate that the […]

Having Sex in Italy

Some Italian news tidbits for an April Sunday:   When a real estate agent tries to sell you an “unspoilt” piece of land in Abruzzo, make sure it’s not the site of an illegal toxic waste dump. A new Italian reality show has put the whole “Mama’s boy” idea on […]

Italian News Snippets: 04.22.07

Here’s a fun look at the culture of Italians as compared with the culture of the rest of the EU nations (as if, in reality, every non-Italian nation is one massive culture – but I digress). I’ve seen this little video before, but it was fun to get reacquainted – […]

Europe vs. Italy

Well, apparently I’ve been working toward living in the wrong European country. Either that, or my Outer European is the dominant one here and my Inner European has learned to keep her damned mouth shut. Really, though, my favorite color is orange, so maybe there’s something to this… Your Inner […]

My Inner European is Dutch