Monthly Archives: July 2007

You might have noticed that we’ve been on vacation recently here at the Italy Logue – although, unfortunately, that hasn’t meant that we’ve actually gone anywhere. Instead, we’ve been undergoing a bit of a facelift. As you can see, the look of the Italy Logue is different and, we hope, […]

Pardon Our Dust: Italy Logue Has a New Look

I’m a huge fan of Italian sayings, so I was very pleased to come across a few pages on the Moving2Italy2 blog that deal with Italian sayings and expressions. Each page is a collection of links to other websites, and each page is occasionally updated with more information, so they’re […]

Resources for Italian Expressions

I’ve noted before that one of the struggles of learning a new language is going from being reasonably articulate in your native tongue to being reduced to childish phrases and half-sentences in your new language. Well, one of the blogs I’ve quoted before on this subject has another post about […]

To Learn the Language (and Not Sound Like an Idiot) ...