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I’ve noted before that one of the struggles of learning a new language is going from being reasonably articulate in your native tongue to being reduced to childish phrases and half-sentences in your new language. Well, one of the blogs I’ve quoted before on this subject has another post about […]

To Learn the Language (and Not Sound Like an Idiot) ...

This past weekend, the husband and I went to the baby shower of one of his old co-workers. She’s Japanese, and many of the people who the husband has worked with over the last decade have been from Asia, and that’s been an interesting cultural learning experience for me (who’s […]

Choosing an Italian Name

Every time I visit Europe I am charmed by the tiny cars everywhere. Then when I get back home, even my Toyota Corolla seems too big, and I lament the fact that the US can’t seem to get behind the small car. In 1999, I think I might have squealed […]

New Fiat 500 Debuts Today