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After posting the Limoncello Recipe a couple months ago, I was inspired to make some for the members of my Italian conversation group. And I figured that while I was at it, I’d document the process for you, the Italy Logue reader! So take this post in tandem with the […]

Limoncello Recipe in Pictures

I am not what I’d consider a real music snob, but I do love good music and I do have certain standards. I never did, for example, like Britney Spears, no matter how popular her music might have been. Which is why, although I love listening to Italian music, I […]

Who is the Italian Britney Spears?

In the July/August issue of National Geographic Traveler, I read and enjoyed the cover story – of a mother and her grown son taking a two-week cycling trip through Umbria and Tuscany – although I remained conscious that I was only getting one person’s point of view. The article was […]

A Mother-Son Biking Trip in Italy