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I love Italian idiomatic expressions – those sayings you just can’t translate directly but which make the Italian language the colorful and charming language it is. Today’s saying from Italy is actually two sayings, but the two spices involved are inseparable on the dinner table, so why split them up […]

Italian Idiomatic Expressions: Salt & Pepper

Usually, when you pick up a coffee-table sized book of photographs taken in an Italian city, you know what you’re in for. You’ll get page after page of medieval cobbled streets, rolling hills with pine tree-lined driveways, romantic gondolas and roman-era monuments. You’ll be overwhelmed with color, history and – […]

“Vucciria” by Mauro d’Agati – Book Review

Traveling on a budget is something most people strive for. While some might dream of blowing out all the stops on a plush five-star hotel, helicopter rides, limousines and $500 bottles of wine, most people – even those who can afford to spend more – like to save money where […]

Camping in Italy

When I can’t be in Italy, the next best thing is usually watching TV programs about traveling in Italy. I mean, I love looking at photographs, but there’s something about moving pictures that really gives me a sense of a place. One program I always love watching, almost regardless of […]

Italy Travel TV Shows On Demand

Learning a new language is hard, but if you can find little things that make it fun lesson time goes much more quickly. One of the things that’s helped me enjoy Italian even when I’m struggling with it are the idiomatic expressions that inevitably come up. They take longer to […]

Italian Idiomatic Expressions