Monthly Archives: November 2007

One thing the Italians seem very good at is adopting English words and giving them their own special twist. For instance, yesterday the husband and I stopped into what was billed as a “drinkeria” for an afternoon snack. You’ve heard of “pizzeria,” I imagine, and perhaps even a “gelateria.” So […]

Degu’s Drinkeria in Milan

Seeing Milan‘s Duomo lit up on a clear and crisp autumn night is just about the best introduction to the city that I can imagine. The husband and I wandered around the square, looking up at the beautiful cathedral – blissfully almost entirely free of scaffolding – and just enjoying […]

First Night in Milan

Before my upcoming trip to Milan, I looked at my flight schedule and realized I’d have a layover in Amsterdam both going to Italy and returning home. I’ve never been to Amsterdam, so I immediately tried to figure out if I’d have enough time on either layover to pop into […]

New Amsterdam Travel Guide Now Online

When I first started learning Italian in the spring of 2001, it was in anticipation of my first trip to Italy. Naturally, then, I focused on “survival Italian” – how to order in a restaurant, how to ask for directions, how to be generally polite to people. When I got […]

Will I ever be witty in Italian?