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I want to say up front here that I’m not a tech expert. For instance, I’m finally learning some HTML, only to discover that it’s an almost entirely outmoded form of writing code for these here internets (you know, that series of tubes)… But even though I’m not especially tech-savvy, […]

Italy Logue Forums

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be spending just over a month in Italy, starting at the end of February. The husband will continue his job-hunting, and I’ll be traveling around taking pictures and gathering tidbits of information to share with you when I return. But don’t think you’ll have […]

30 Days (more or less) in Italy

Usually, with the Italy Travel Guide here, I just write stuff because I like writing about Italy. The fact that people are reading what I’m writing is, well, a bonus. So I don’t often think about what others might think of this here site – until, that is, I see […]

Italy Travel Guide Gets Reviewed – By You?

This is just a quick post, because I wanted to get it up here before the contest I’m about to introduce you to ends this Friday. I was remiss in not telling you about it earlier, and I feel badly about that – especially because it’s a subject near and […]

Win a Half-Kilo of Italian Candy

No three-and-a-half minute video can give you even the quickest taste of all the things there are to do and see in Rome. Still, sometimes it’s really nice to see places in moving pictures as opposed to just reading about them or looking at photos when you’re preparing for your […]

Video Intro to Rome

One of those questions you need to ask yourself when you’re making travel plans is, “Do I need a visa to get there?” For Italy, the list of countries where residents don’t need to have a visa to enter Italy is quite long – so that’s the good news. For […]

Visas for Italy