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When we think of the words “art” and “Italy” in the same sentence, it’s tempting to think only of the incredible array of world-famous masterpieces from centuries gone by that hang in some of the museums and galleries around the country. But Italy isn’t a country stuck in its past, […]

Venice Biennale Festival: Contemporary Art in an Historic City

The Umbrian town of Assisi isn’t as big as the region’s capital of Perugia, but because of the famous saint who bears the town’s name – St. Francis of Assisi – it’s been a popular site for pilgrims as well as tourists for a very long time. There are many […]

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Perugia is the capital city in Umbria, but the town of Assisi gets as much tourist attention – if not more – because it’s the birthplace of St. Francis. (In fact, the sites associated with St. Francis in Assisi are a UNESCO World Heritage Site.) The town is, therefore, as […]

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