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The city of Trieste is a stone’s throw from the border of Slovenia, in a region that changed hands in almost every war. You’ll find different languages spoken here other than Italian, depending on who you’re talking to – and as for the city itself, it’s home to a pretty […]

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Sicily is far less visited than the regions of northern Italy, but it’s overrun compared to the even more remote Italian island of Sardinia (Sardegna, in Italian). This island – just south of French Corsica – is incredibly popular in August, however, when Italians flee the cities and lie on […]

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The region of Puglia in the heel of Italy’s boot is famous within Italy because of the many beaches that Italians flock to whenever they can. It’s not hard to see why it’s such a beach-oriented area – it’s surrounded on almost all sides by water. The city of Bari […]

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Sicily has a reputation both inside and outside Italy – some people think of it as more challenging to visit than other parts of Italy, some think it’s where you find the “real” Italy. Some think mainly of the incredible Greek ruins, others focus on the incredible beaches. Whatever your […]

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The five lovely villages of the Cinque Terre may get all the press when it comes to Liguria, but the region’s capital city is worth a visit, too. Genoa is a large port city for Italy (cruise ships occasionally make Genoa a port of call), and the historic center has […]

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Places that have long been considered destinations of religious pilgrimage tend to have a good assortment of budget-friendly accommodation options to house the pilgrims. Although Turin has the famous Shroud of Turin, it’s still a relatively wealthy city overall, so the majority of the beds are in more expensive hotel […]

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The further south you go in Italy – especially as you get south of Rome – two things tend to happen. First, Italian characteristics tend to get more intense (and that’s a good and bad thing, depending on your point of view). Second, prices tend to drop. This means that […]

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