A Ferrari Races Through History (in a TV Commercial)


The husband and I went out the other day to what we thought was a local mini-festival of Italian-American products, but turned out to be more of an opportunity for the local Ferrari, Maserati, Ducati and Lamborghini dealers to drum up new business. The husband was happy anyway, as there were plenty of shiny cars on display for him to drool over, and then when we stepped inside (it was at a coffee shop) there was a commercial running on a loop on a TV in the corner. Ordinarily one commercial running on a loop might seem, well, annoying. But it was this commercial, and the husband watched it a couple of times before I politely dragged him away.





Admittedly, this has only a slight tie to Italy in that it’s a Ferrari Formula 1 car racing through history, and it does drive by the Colosseum near the end of the commercial. But even though it’s not exactly the most interesting commercial ever made, I think the husband isn’t the only car lover who’ll find it fun – especially if you’re a Ferrari fan.

Photo by: Frank Schmidt

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