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A "Gift" from the Italy Blogging Roundtable: Join us!

Since May of 2011, I’ve been participating in a blogging group called the Italy Blogging Roundtable with four spectacular Italy bloggers – we choose a topic in advance, and all write about the topic on our individual sites. It’s been a fun exercise to get each of us out of our usual writing selves, it’s been interesting to see how we each tackle the same query every month, and we’ve enjoyed sharing our experiences with our readers.
You can catch up on any posts you’ve missed on the five sites by visiting the Italy Blogging Roundtable pages on each one:

Now, generally speaking we leave the topic itself a surprise for readers until the day we publish our posts – but this month we’re doing something a bit different. We’re telling you what our December topic is now, at the start of the month a full two weeks before we’re going to publish our posts, because we want you to participate, too.
In other words, we’re inviting you to join us at the roundtable this month.
December’s topic is GIFTS / PRESENTS / REGALI – yes, it’s inspired by the face that it’s the holiday season, but you don’t have to think about it as being limited to just Christmas gifts (we certainly aren’t going to limit ourselves, so why should you?). We’d love to hear your take on the subject of gifts/presents/regali as it relates to Italy. Has traveling in Italy given you some kind of gift you couldn’t get elsewhere? Did someone give you an Italy-related present at one point in your life that made you determined to visit the country? What’s your idea of the perfect Italy-themed gift to give your favorite Italophile? We want to know!

Here’s how to participate:

  1. From December 1 to 13 2011, post on your blog about “Gifts” (and Italy).
  2. Include in your post a reference to the fact that this is part of the Italy Blogging Roundtable’s invitation to post on this topic.
  3. Include, at the end of your post, links to the roundtable blogs: ArtTrav, At Home in Tuscany, Brigolante, Italofile, and WhyGo Italy.
  4. Let us know by tweeting it with the hashtag #italyroundtable. If by chance you don’t use Twitter, email it to one of us (my email address is italy @ We’ll each read them all, and retweet some too!
  5. On December 14 2011 we’ll post on the same topic and include links to our favorite posts by the larger community. We’re aiming to link to five posts submitted by others, but that depends on how many people participate!

Want to follow along to see what other people are saying about “gifts” and Italy this month? Here’s the #italyroundtable stream on Twitter.