Alex Britti’s “La Vasca” Music Video

On our first trip to Italy in 2001, the husband and I really enjoyed one song that our friends played for us. At the time, I had only had one term of Italian, and the husband hadn’t studied it at all – so we were responding completely to the melody of the song rather than the lyrics. All we knew was that it was catchy, and we wanted to get a copy for ourselves. We managed to get the CD the next year – it was Alex Britti singing “La Vasca”, or “The Bathtub.”


Today I found the video for the song, which I’d never seen before, and which makes me like the song even more than I did already:




A translation of the song (along with the video again) is here, and the lyrics are totally fun. The video will make more sense if you’ve had a chance to read the English translation first, and then maybe you’ll learn the dance that goes with it. Looks like hours of bathtime play.

As a side note, while hunting YouTube for the video so I could put it here, I also found a video someone in Italy uploaded… Apparently this guy’s cat is a follower of Alex Britti’s hang-out-in-the-bathtub religion:

Dang, that’s cute. Though I’m still not quite understanding the bathtub in the middle of the living room, though. Those Italians, so cutting-edge with their design…

Photo by: vito lattanzi