An Italian Inventor Creates Gelato for Dogs

Italians love their pets, and they also love their gelato. Put the two together, and you have the newest line of European doggie treats – Dogissimo, gelato for dogs.

An Italian woman who runs an ice cream shop in central Vienna has unveiled a line of ice cream for dogs, which she created with the assistance of a veterinary doctor. Because many of the ingredients in traditional gelato are inappropriate for dogs, Dogissimo has no fat, sugar or artificial colorings. The treat’s creator says that the recipe is still in line with that of traditional Italian ice cream.




Viennese dog owners are flocking to the ice cream shop to purchase the doggie gelato, despite the high price tag – no doubt partially due to the heat waves which have plagued much of Europe this summer. But what if your four-legged friends are not in Austria but Italy? What can you do to help them cool off? Why, take them to Genoa’s pet beach, of course. The first public beach for pets opened earlier this month on the Ligurian coast. Other pet beaches in Liguria exist, but the rest are private.

Photo by: wienblick

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