Europe vs. Italy


Here’s a fun look at the culture of Italians as compared with the culture of the rest of the EU nations (as if, in reality, every non-Italian nation is one massive culture – but I digress). I’ve seen this little video before, but it was fun to get reacquainted – especially since I’ve learned a bit more about the Italian culture since the last time I watched it. For instance, the bit about “Bureaucracy” reminds me of the stories our friends tell of trying to get things like their driver’s license or medical insurance lined up once they moved to Italy. The bit about “Air Landing” reminds me of a post I read not too long ago by Cynthia Rae about how Italians applaud when the plane lands (I’d never heard that before). In all, it’s a cute video – and it appears to be made by an Italian, so I suppose he’s allowed to make marginally disparaging comments about his own country…




photo by: Moyan Brenn

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