Globe Trekker TV Features Italy in February

Every month the folks at Pilot Guides – you know, the people behind fantastic travel shows like Globe Trekker and Planet Food – put out a new batch of travel shows that are available for downloading from their website. This means you’re able to watch just the shows you want, on your own time. This month, GlobeTrekkerTV has a feature on Italy – and it’s a festival I’ve heard about for years, though I’m not sure I’d have the guts to go myself…

Part of this month’s free preview of GlobeTrekkerTV offerings has Megan McCormick participating in the festival in Ivrea where they throw oranges at each other for three days. Every time I see footage of this event I can’t help but think, “Wow, that town must smell so lovely during the festival…” But then that thought is quickly followed by the not-so-pleasant idea of getting oranges hurled at you at high speeds. Yeah, that would hurt.




So, instead of going myself, and getting bruised by citrus fruits, I’m content to watch Megan slip through the streets of Ivrea, getting covered in orange juice. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in watching, too, check out this month’s free preview from Pilot Guides and GlobeTrekkerTV. And then sign up to receive monthly emails about what’s new, so you can find out about what you want to download and watch yourself.

Photo by: Mrinalini Chandra

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