Goodbye, Milan!

I’m on my way back home today after a week in Milan, but the posts about Milan will continue for awhile – I’ve got lots of pictures left to share, and some more restaurant and gelateria recommendations, as well as tourist tips. I’ve had a great time here, meeting up with a couple of expat bloggers whose blogs I’ve been reading for awhile, putting some serious miles under my feet exploring a few interesting (and varied!) neighborhoods, tasting the local fare in a few different restaurants (both touristy and non-touristy) as well as enjoying a meal in the home of some Milan residents, buying lots of new Italian CDs, riding the Metro and the Tram, and watching some crazy Italian television shows!




I’ve got lots more to tell you, so stay tuned. Just let me get over the jetlag…

Photo by: Gustavo Lorefice

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