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Having Sex in Italy

kissYou’ve heard of Latin lovers, right? And that Italian is the language of love? (There are others who might try to lay claim to that title, too, but that’s another matter.) Well, it turns out those might be more than stereotypes.

Two reports released recently in Italy indicate that the sex lives of Italians are not only thriving, but are cause for envy.

The first was a poll conducted on Italians over the age of 60:

The poll … found that 32% of women and 31% of men aged over 60 made love “regularly” with their partners while 10% of men and 2% of women had sex “all the time”.

The survey results also include the revelation that the men were the ones with the “more romantic mindset” than the women, although I’m not sure I can believe them – “just over half the males said they never or rarely felt sexually attracted to young women.” Yeah, right.

Interestingly, the second report claims that while Italians “have sex more often, for longer and with more orgasms than people in most other countries in the world,” two-thirds of respondents are satisfied with their sex lives.

The data showed that average Italians have sex 121 times a year – second only to average Greeks, who come in at 164. The data also says that the average Italian lovemaking session lasts approximately 20 minutes – which is longer than anywhere else in the survey – and two-thirds of the people surveyed reported having “regular” orgasms. Why, then, are Italians unsatisfied?

“The frequency of sexual relations, their length and the ability to reach orgasm do not necessarily mean sexual satisfaction,” commented Marinella Cozzolino, president of the Italian Association of Clinical Sexology.

The Italian Association of what?!?