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Italian Idiomatic Expressions

Learning a new language is hard, but if you can find little things that make it fun lesson time goes much more quickly. One of the things that’s helped me enjoy Italian even when I’m struggling with it are the idiomatic expressions that inevitably come up. They take longer to learn and master, but they make me feel that much closer to being fluent when I can use them successfully. They’re actually called “frasi fatte” in Italian, or “true phrases,” which I think is a bit misleading, but who am I to complain?

Sure, idiomatic expressions exist in English, but you never realize how strange they sound until you’re trying to explain “fit as a fiddle” or “I could eat a horse” or “stick to your guns” to a non-native English speaker. For me, when I’m learning the Italian ones, it’s the space between the literal translation and what the saying actually means where I find all the fun. So I’m going to share my fun with you!

Italian Expressions Regarding:
Salt and Pepper
Clear and Round
A Finger of Wine
The Parking Lot
Fits You Like a Paintbrush
Out of My Feet
Hair on the Tongue
Making Like a Parrot
What Fish to Catch
Bread and Wine
The Ox, the Ass, and Who’s Got Horns

Plus, here’s a list of some of my favorite Italian swear words, and my all-time favorite Italian sayings, too.

Keep watching this space, because as I find and post more idiomatic expressions, I’ll list them here. You’ll also be able to find them by clicking on the link for Italian idiomatic expressions, but there they’ll just be listed in date order. And if you’ve got a favorite Italian idiomatic expression, let me know!