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WhyGo Italy Book Reviews

Looking for Italy-themed books to help fill the time when you’re not actually in Italy? Here are a few Italy books I’ve read and reviewed:

Photography Books
“VenicExposed” by Luca Campigotto
“Vucciria” by Mauro d’Agati
“In Etna’s Shadow” by Karen Landes
“Tutta Roma” by Martin Parr

Italy Guidebooks
“Italy: Instructions for Use” by Nan McElroy

“The Secrets of Rome” by Corrado Augias
“Miss Expatria” by Christine Cantera
“Winning at All Costs: A Scandalous History of Italian Soccer” by John Foot
“A Season With Verona” by Tim Parks

Keep checking back for more Italy book reviews! And if you’ve got a favorite that’s not listed here, let me know! Plus, check out my Reading List for Italophiles – especially helpful for anyone who’s got dreams of living in Italy.