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I want to say up front here that I’m not a tech expert. For instance, I’m finally learning some HTML, only to discover that it’s an almost entirely outmoded form of writing code for these here internets (you know, that series of tubes)… But even though I’m not especially tech-savvy, I can read reports on the traffic the Italy Logue is getting. So I know how many of you are out there, reading what I’m writing about traveling in Italy – and we figured, “Hey, maybe all those Italy-lovin’ people might want to talk to each other now and then! Let’s make a forum for them!”

So, here you are, folks – a brand new Italy Logue Forum just for you. You’ll see a few Italophiles I know have helped me seed the forum with a few questions and answers here and there, so that you can see how it looks when it’s working, but there’s obviously lots of room for more topics and wisdom. And before you click over eagerly and start posting (which I encourage you to do!), let me give you the grand tour.

First of all, the main page of the forums looks pretty blank right now (we’re working on that), because there are only two main discussion rooms. They are called “Italy Travel” and “Italy Expats” – the first is meant to be a place to chat about traveling through Italy, to ask questions of those who’ve gone before and answer questions where you can. The second forum is for those of us who dream of doing more than traveling in Italy, who dream of moving there.




You can read all the posts without registering, but in order to ask a new question or reply to an existing thread you must register. It’s a simple process – you just click on the “Register” link in the blue bar on the right-hand side, and fill out the fields. You’ll get a confirmation email and then you’ll be ready to go.

We’re still working on many facets of the Italy Logue Forums, and we’re always happy to get your feedback on ways we can improve what we’re doing, but we wanted to let you know about it so you can get in there and start using it as soon as possible. So, go ahead and click through to the Italy Logue Forums (we’ll be putting a link on the main page to make it easier to find, don’t worry), and start a conversation!

Photo by: Ria Brown

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