Italy Magazine Short Story Competition

If you fancy yourself something of a writer, then get yourself a copy of the latest Italy Magazine – this year’s short story competition is included, and the prize is £250. Plus, the winning entry will be published in the January 2008 issue of Italy Magazine. Your story must be fiction, must be no longer than 1,000 words, and must be based on the image featured here.

The annoying thing is that you must get the actual hard copy of the magazine in order to enter, as the magazine’s website does not have the entry form. I know, I know. They’re trying to sell magazines, I get that – but this is one expensive rag we’re talking about here. The last one I saw for sale was upwards of $10. You’ll find a comment (the 2nd one) on this post which tells you where you can find copies of the magazine, but I’d also suggest checking your local library to see if they’ve got a copy. Now, be nice – don’t swipe the only entry form from a library copy, but do see if the entry form allows for photocopies to be made. If not, you’re stuck buying a copy of the magazine.




At any rate, sharpen your pencils and start dreaming about the story behind that photo. And, as the Italians say, in bocca al lupo!

Photo by: Kaitlyn Burch

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