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Italy News Posts are Back!

illypaperMany moons ago (read: late last year) I had to put the weekly Italy news posts I’d been doing on WhyGo Italy on temporary hiatus – the holidays were looming, life was crazy busy, and I just couldn’t keep up with all of those Italian news outlets to post tidbits to the site on a weekly basis. I heard from a few of you that you missed those articles, and I missed doing them. Let’s face it – Italy is a pretty constant producer of interesting (read: bizarre) news.
So it is with great pleasure that I announce the return of the Italy travel news posts! Here’s the newest one, which was published yesterday.
The shiny new Italy news posts will come out more than once a week now, so if you don’t want to miss them your best bet is to subscribe to the WhyGo Italy RSS feed – that way they’ll show up in your email inbox or your RSS reader a day or so after they’re posted, and you can sip your morning coffee (Italian, of course!) over the latest Italy travel news.
I’m glad to have the news links back, and I hope you are, too.