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Italy Roundtable: A Decade With Italy

One year ago, the Italy Blogging Roundtable published our first posts – and I’m thrilled to still, one year later, be sharing our thoughts on a chosen topic each month. It’s been interesting for the Italy Roundtable bloggers – Alexandra, Gloria, Rebecca, Melanie, and me – to read our different takes on the same subject, but we’ve especially enjoyed hearing from readers over the past year. For our one-year anniversary, we’re talking about – what else? – ANNIVERSARIES – and we’re highlighting some of the reader contributions we invited you to send in, too. Check out the links at the end of this post, and thank you for being a part of the Italy Roundtable!

anno – (noun) year

It feels like not so long ago I was visiting Italy for the first time, head poking out of the top of the water taxi from Marco Polo Airport to the canal city of Venice, sea air blasting me in the face and occasional tiny drops of water pelting my cheeks, utterly awe-struck at every single thing in my frame of sight. The taxi spilled us onto the sidewalk and we turned a corner as St. Mark’s Square curled in around us, opening its arms and enfolding us at the same time, the late-July sun still radiating from the stones under our feet. The light may have been fading, but that only meant there was a serenely ethereal glow cast across a city that, to this day, remains my favorite in all of Italy.
At least that’s how I remember it.

The year was 2001, and I was a mere 29 years old at the time. Today, having just turned 40 and with so many Italy trips in my rear-view mirror that I honestly can’t recall how many times I’ve been there, I’m prone to romanticizing that first trip like it’s something out of a Merchant Ivory film. I make no apologies for this. Italy has this effect on people, and I’m not immune.
My days in Italy feel as if they’ve blurred into one, details slipping through my fingers, but when I think of how the Italians use the word for “year” I’m inclined to think those moments aren’t truly lost.
Quanti anni hai?, they ask when they want to know how old you are, but the words mean “how many years do you have?” We possess those years, whether we can recall every second or not. I possess Italy in a similar way, by having visited the country, soaking up each trip through seemingly insignificant moments that get tucked into spots in my brain I may never find again – but probably don’t need to.
Last year marked a decade since my first trip to Italy, and it was also (somewhat ironically, I realize) the first year I haven’t set foot in the country in nearly the same amount of time. I would be lying if I said I wasn’t sad about missing out on celebrating my 10-year anniversary with Italy in Italy, but when I think about all those years I have – all those days, minutes, seconds spent drinking in Italy like a sponge – I know that Italy will always be in me, even if I’m not always in Italy.
Italy is simultaneously there – sitting on the dock of southern Europe and dangling the toe of its boot in the Mediterranean – and here, a stubborn ember in my heart. This means, of course, that I happily carry Italy with me wherever I go. It also means I am never quite as whole as when I’m there.
Aspettami, cara. Torno subito.

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