Italy Travel Guide Gets Reviewed – By You?

Usually, with the Italy Travel Guide here, I just write stuff because I like writing about Italy. The fact that people are reading what I’m writing is, well, a bonus. So I don’t often think about what others might think of this here site – until, that is, I see that someone has reviewed it.

I just came across the site Blogged because another Italy blog I read got a review on it. So, I thought I’d search for the Italy Logue and see what came up. Much to my surprise, it’s been reviewed already! I don’t know who submitted it or how it was found, or even who reviewed it. All I know is that it’s already on the site with a 7.5 rating (which equals “very good” apparently).

Now, I’m not going to submit a review of this site on Blogged, because that would be silly. But what I am going to do is ask you to submit one! If you like the site, head over to the Blogged page that reviewed the Italy Travel Guide and click the big orange button on the right side that says “review this blog.” Of course, if you don’t like the site, you’re welcome to review it as well. Either way, I’m always curious about your opinions on how I’m doing, and especially what I can do to serve you better.




And if you don’t want to review the site on Blogged, you can always just leave a comment here or send me an email to give me some feedback, too.

Photo by: New City Magazine

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