Luciano Pavarotti, 1935-2007

The opera world lost an icon today, as Luciano Pavarotti finally lost his battle with pancreatic cancer. He died this morning at his home in Modena, surrounded by his family. He recently posted this note on his website, clearly aware that his time was drawing near:

I hope to be remembered as an opera signer, as a representative of a form of art that has found its best expression in my country, and I hope that the love for opera remains forever of central importance in my life. … The tenor’s repertiore is the most varied of all. In any language, and in comparison to other genre, it contains the widest gamut of emotions.




Modena’s Duomo will host the great tenor’s funeral on Saturday, and the mayor has said he’ll introduce a proposal to rename the Modena theatre after Pavarotti. Just two days ago, Pavarotti was given a new government award “for his work promoting Italian culture in his country and abroad.” He responded to receiving the award by saying, “This prize fills me with joy and pride.”

Photo by: Photos et Voyages

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