Make Up a Travel Rumor, Win Lufthansa Tickets

If you’re used to reading about travel contests where you think it’s too hard to enter, this is one travel contest you’ll be pleased to hear about. For this one, you don’t even need any travel expertise – you just need to be able to make up a rumor or two.

RumorTravels is the new travel contest from Lufthansa, and to enter all you have to do is submit a travel rumor about a foreign country and then talk about why that rumor would make someone want to go there. You can submit a video or an essay (or both), and the grand prize is round-trip airfare for two from the U.S. to anywhere Lufthansa flies in Europe. Yes, that means you can use your prize for a flight to Italy.




The deadline is October 31, so you’ve only got a couple weeks to come up with a great rumor and submit it. But certainly you can make up a rumor or two about Italy, right? Here’s one I’ll give you for free – “Italians eat gelato every day.” Of course, if you use that one and win, I’ll be expecting a call about my free Lufthansa ticket.

In bocca al lupo!

Photo by: photo_dude2008

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