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Predictions: How I'll Feel About Leaving Italy

venicewindowIf everything has gone according to plan and schedule, I’m en route back to Portland at the moment. And if I have any ability to predict the future from my standpoint writing this a couple days in advance, I can also say that I am in all likelihood quite depressed about said return to Portland.
Well, either that or I’m sleeping on the plane. But I’m probably still depressed in my subconscious, so that counts.
I had a wonderful month in Italy. I met some fabulous people – some of whom I’d “known” online before and some of whom are Italians I had the good fortune to meet just on this trip. I re-visited some places that are near and dear to my heart, spent more time in a city that I’m starting to like quite a bit, and expanded my Italian horizons by adding a couple new cities to my list. I’ve had a good trip. That doesn’t make it any easier to leave.
Okay, yes, there are things I’m looking forward to about getting back to what is still my home – chiefly seeing the husband and the fur-children (AKA the cats). I’ll be happy to be back in my own bed, to have more than just the traveler’s wardrobe I brought with me at my disposal, to see my co-workers and enjoy the camaraderie of pub lunch on Friday with them, and to get away from the heat and humidity of Milan. And I know I’ll be returning soon to take the next steps in the whole expat paperwork process, so that helps.
A little.
At any rate, to get back to predicting the future for a moment – I’m seeing lots of jetlag in my future, and an unfortunate inability to catch up on email for a few days. So if it takes me a little while to get back to a regular posting schedule here, I hope you’ll bear with me. The good news is that I still have lots of photos and articles to share with you from the past month, so we’ll both be able to live in the past a bit longer. I know that last part at least makes me happy.