The “End of the Internet” in Italy?

Political activists in Italy are up in arms, as you might imagine, and the words “the end of the internet in Italy” have been posted on several blogs. According to this blog, government officials have attempted to make it clear that this proposed law would not apply to personal or non-professional blogs or websites, but – as this post also points out – it doesn’t seem that there’s been much of an effort made to explain what constitutes a professional site and what doesn’t.

The language of the draft law was approved by the Council of Ministers (again, don’t ask) on October 12, but still needs to be discussed, debated and ultimately approved or rejected by the full Parliament. It would seem unlikely that such a law would pass, especially as unclear as the language now is, but there are things that happen every day in Italy which surprise me. So really, I’ve no idea what’ll happen with this one.




To get your rage on with some of the outspoken critics of this proposed law, check out Beppe Grillo’s English blog here, and another post here.

Photo by: Marco Verch

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