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11 Hotels Near St. Mark’s Square in Venice

Visitors to Venice, especially those who are traveling to this famous canal city for the first time, generally want to make their homebase a hotel that’s as close as possible to the center of activity. And while Venice is easily walkable so that just about any hotel is going to be close to something worth seeing, St. Mark’s Square is arguably the hub of most of the stuff going on in Venice.

If you’re looking at a map of Venice, the placement of this bustling piazza way off to one side of the city doesn’t make it seem like it would be so “central” to tourist life in Venice, but it is. So it’s not surprising that there are a gajillion hotels near St. Mark’s Square (yes, a gajillion – I counted). This is by no means, therefore, an exhaustive list – but it is a list of 11 of the hotels around Piazza San Marco that I think are worth checking out.

There’s a Venice map below, with St. Mark’s and all the hotels I’ve listed marked on it, so you can see exactly where each one is. Below the map, there’s a bit of information about each hotel. You can find out more about and book each one either by clicking on the hotel icon on the map or by clicking on the link provided in the list below the map.

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Venice Hotels Near St. Mark’s Square

Best Western San Marco Hotel
Ponte dei Dai 877 San Marco – 30124 Venice
This is actually the very first hotel I stayed in on my very first trip to Italy, so it’s got a special place in my heart. It’s a few short steps from St. Mark’s Square, on one side of a tiny bridge over a small canal, and a hotel has occupied the building since 1857. The three-star San Marco Hotel has 56 individually-decorated rooms, all with en suite bathroom and air conditioning, and breakfast is included with the room.

Unlike many older Venice hotels, this one does have an elevator. Back when I stayed there, I wasn’t interested in getting online – but it appears that the San Marco Hotel has kept up with the times, as there’s now internet access and even WiFi in the public areas.

This isn’t the cheapest hotel around St. Mark’s, but the rates are actually pretty reasonable in the short off-season. For instance, in January when I was looking at the room prices a single varied between €79-104 depending on the day, and a double ranged from €88-116. And given the location near St. Mark’s Square in a city that’s notorious for its overpriced hotels, that’s not a bad deal.

Antico Panada Hotel
Calle degli Specchieri 646 San Marco – 30124 Venice
Located 20 meters from St. Mark’s Square, the Antico Panada Hotel provides everything you’d expect from a top-notch hotel for reasonable prices. The three-star hotel’s 50 rooms over five floors (yes, there’s an elevator) occupy a former 18th century Venetian palace, and the decor includes lots of antiques, Murano lamps, and overstuffed furniture.

Internet access is available for a fee with two public computers in the lobby, and a continental breakfast is included in the room rate. All of the Antico Panada Hotel’s rooms have en suite bathrooms, though the “superior” rooms also boast whirlpool baths and other bathroom amenities.

When I was looking at prices in late January, the range for a double room was $75-86 – so although this place may look like a luxurious splurge to budget travelers who are used to more spartan digs, if you’re visiting in the off-season you can get a great deal.

Hotel San Zulian
Campo della Guerra San Marco 527 – 30124 Venice
The Hotel San Zulian is a few minutes’ walk from St. Mark’s Square (and, in the other direction, a short walk to the Rialto Bridge), and although the building dates from 1800 it’s been renovated recently to accommodate the modern traveler’s needs.

There are 22 individually-decorated rooms in the hotel, all of which come with satellite TV, en suite bathrooms, and free WiFi. In addition to the breakfast room in the hotel, there’s an in-house wine bar called “Cavatappi,” and the hotel runs free tours to nearby Murano.

Rooms in the high season can run upwards of €200-300, but the same rooms in January can be as low as €70-90, so it definitely pays to travel when everyone else isn’t.

Casa Sul Molo
San Marco 744 – 30100 Venice
Another small hotel that’s only a two minute walk from St. Mark’s Square, Casa Sul Molo is actually technically a Venice B&B. Each of the seven rooms is individually-decorated in a 17th century Venetian style and features Murano glass lighting fixtures.

All of the rooms have en suite bathrooms, satellite TV, air conditioning, and an internet connection – not to mention a view overlooking Campo di San Zulian. And because this is a bed and breakfast you’d expect that breakfast would included in the price of the room – but they’ve upped the romance factor at Casa Sul Molo by providing breakfast in your room at no extra charge. Talk about the ideal way to start each morning of your honeymoon, right?

The B&B will also arrange a trip to Murano island, where you can check out the glass making first-hand, via water taxi at no additional charge. And with prices starting at €90 for a double in the low season, this place won’t break the bank, either. Of course, that same room will run you around €250 in the high season, so you can once again see the benefit of traveling when everyone else is at home.

Hotel Noemi
Calle dei Fabbri 909 San Marco – 30124 Venice
50 meters from St. Mark’s Square en route to the Rialto Bridge you’ll find the Hotel Noemi, a family-run hotel with 16 rooms in a traditional Venetian building. Each of the rooms is decorated in an 18th century Venetian style, and every room has an en suite bathroom, satellite TV, air conditioning, and internet access.

The front desk is staffed by friendly folks and is in operation 24 hours a day, so you don’t need to worry about waking anyone up to get back into your room after hours, and the room rate includes nice perks like breakfast and WiFi access. In fact, you can even get breakfast in your room if you’re so inclined. Do note that there’s no elevator in the hotel, so if you get a room on an upper floor I hope you’ve packed light.

Room rates at Hotel Noemi can be surprisingly low if you’re visiting in the off-season. For instance, a search for rates in late January came up with a single for €45 and a double for €60-70. Those same rooms in late May go for €120-220.

Locanda Silva
Castello 4423 Fondamenta del Remedio – 30122 Venice
I don’t know about you, but when I read “family-run hotel” I usually think it’s marketing hype. With Locanda Silva, it’s not. This Venice inn has been run by Ettore and his daughter, Sandra, since 1956. Locanda Silva is about five minutes on foot from St. Mark’s Square in the Castello district (which neighbors the San Marco district), and the inn’s 23 rooms are spread over three floors. They’re nothing fancy, but they’re clean and comfortable – and, above all for travelers looking for bargains, they’re cheap.

The single and double rooms can be booked with or without en suite bathrooms, and there’s one each of a triple and quad room (both of which have en suite bathrooms), and all rooms come with breakfast included. Because Locanda Silva is concentrating on offering you nothing but the basics, the prices are great – the cheapest room, a single with shared bath, runs from €45-65 depending on the season; and a double room with an en suite bathroom is only €80-130. Note that the inn can be challenging to locate, so arm yourself with good directions and get some help from the tourist information office if you need it. You can also punch the address into this Venice map website and get an amazingly accurate location pinpointed for you.

Hotel Orion
Calle Spadaria 700/a San Marco – 30124 Venice
This is another hotel that’s between St. Mark’s Square and the Rialto Bridge, although it’s closer to the Piazza. Hotel Orion is a two-star hotel a short walk from the square through the archway underneath the big clock (the one that always seems to be under scaffolding). All the hotel’s rooms have en suite bathrooms and air conditioning, and all have been recently refurbished. There’s WiFi available in the hotel, and breakfast is included in the price of the room.

Like every other hotel in Venice, the rates at the Hotel Orion are steeply discounted in the low season – so if you’re a budget traveler, plan to visit in (say) January when you can get a single for around €70-80 or a double for €75-85 instead of later in the year when you’ll pay as much as €140-160 for that same single or €145-165 for the double. Given how close the single and double are in price in both the high and low seasons, I say travel with a friend and split the cost of the double! Otherwise, that single in the high season is going to feel rather overpriced.

Ca’ Dei Conti
Castello 4429 Fondamenta D – 30122 Venice
Usually when I’m looking for hotels near St. Mark’s Square, I don’t look at any hotel that’s got anything but a San Marco neighborhood address. But the four-star Ca’ Dei Conti Hotel is worth mentioning anyway, despite being located in the neighborhood that’s next door to San Marco. It’s still only 200 meters or so from St. Mark’s, and because it’s in the opposite direction from where most of the tourists go, that 200 meters can take you from overly crowded to peaceful and serene in an instant.

This former Venetian palace sits alongside a quiet canal close to Campo Santa Maria Formosa, and you might just forget it’s a former palace when you step inside. All of the 17 rooms have en suite bathrooms, satellite TV, and gorgeous decorations, and breakfast is included with the price. There’s even a private terrace where you can enjoy that breakfast or a drink when the weather’s nice.

Now, as you can imagine, this kind of place doesn’t come cheap. In the high season, a standard double will be more than €240 – but bargain hunters can get a deal that’s half the going rate when traveling in the off-season.

Hotel Ai Do Mori
Calle Larga San Marco 658 – 30124 Venice
Saying a hotel is “two steps” from St. Mark’s Square might seem cliche, but in the case of Hotel Ai Do Mori it’s almost true. This Venice hotel is 10 meters from the lively square, and many of the rooms even have a view of the famous bell tower. (Which means that you’re likely to hear the bells quite well – something to keep in mind if you’re a light sleeper, though the windows are double-paned.)

There are 11 rooms in the hotel, all of which come with satellite TV but not all of which have en suite bathrooms. There’s also no elevator, but as the hotel only covers three floors that’s not as much of a problem as it can be in some other (taller) elevator-less hotels in Venice.

Rates for the en suite double rooms range from €50-150, depending on the season, so serious budget travelers who fancy the Hotel Ai Do Mori should target the off-season and ask about rates for the rooms without en suite bathrooms.
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Hotel Astoria
Calle Fiubera 951 San Marco – 30124 Venice
When you’re traveling for business and the hotel choice is out of your hands, you’re never sure what kind of accommodation you’re going to get. But when I got booked into a room at the Hotel Astoria for a recent trip to Venice, I was really pleased. It’s a minute’s walk from St. Mark’s Square, and it’s definitely a budget hotel – no elevator, mediocre breakfast, and no 24-hour reception desk – but the combination of a great location and excellent rates means it’s a place I’d definitely stay in again.

Breakfast is included with the price of the room, and most of the rooms come with en suite bathrooms. There’s WiFi available for a fee (though it doesn’t reach the rooms on the uppermost floors) and a public computer in the lobby. And although the front door is locked at 1am, there’s a bell you can ring if you happen to get back later than that.

When I checked the prices in January, the rate for a single room with an en suite bathroom was just over $51, and a single without a bathroom was just under $44. So the two-star Hotel Astoria is definitely a great choice for anyone who’s on a budget but still wants an upgrade from the hostel dorm.
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Hotel Firenze
San Marco 1490 – 30124 Venice
Though the building which the Hotel Firenze occupies dates from the 16th century, you can expect all the modern conveniences in the hotel itself while still enjoying the many historic charms. The three-star hotel has 25 rooms covering four floors (there’s an elevator), and the fifth floor is where you’ll find one of the hotel’s most notable features – a rooftop terrace with great views overlooking the city.

Each of the hotel’s rooms has an en suite bathroom, air conditioning, satellite TV, and free WiFi access. Most of the rooms have decent views, and fourth floor rooms even have private balconies. Hotel Firenze is located on the end of St. Mark’s Square that’s closest to the tourist information office, so you’ll be able to get your questions answered easily as soon as you step out the door of the hotel (assuming the nice folks at reception can’t help you).

Room rates range from €60-220 for a single and €70-330 for a double, depending on the season, so you may want to check this place out during the low season.
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