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9 Rome Hostels Away from Termini Station

Rome may be unique in the world, but it’s like many of the other big tourist cities in some ways. One of those similarities is that most of the super-budget accommodation options are within a stone’s throw from the city’s main train station.

I’m only partly kidding when I say that if you tripped and fell within a block of Termini Station in pretty much any direction you’d probably land in the doorway of a hostel or budget hotel. And while many of these places are perfectly nice, the neighborhood around Termini isn’t exactly the prettiest Rome has to offer – so if you’re hoping to find something in another part of the city that won’t cost an arm and a leg, then peruse this list of hostels away from Termini Station to see if any of them suit you.

There’s a Rome map below with Termini Station and the hostels I’ve listed marked on it (as well as some other big Rome landmarks) – you can find out more about each hostel (and book it) either by clicking on the hostel icon on the map, or by scrolling below the map where you can read a little bit about each one and learn more via the link there.

Hostels in Rome Away from Termini Station

Hotel Colors
Via Boezio 31 – 00192 Roma
Colors Hotel is a combination hotel and hostel that’s located just to the north of Vatican City, with many of Rome’s attractions within a short walk (or a quick bus or tram ride). It’s relatively new on the Rome hostel scene, but was opened by the folks who run the Enjoy Rome hostel – so they know what they’re doing. The people on staff are all native English speakers who know the city, so you’ll be able to get great information from them.

Hotel Colors has no curfew or lockout period and the reception desk is open 24 hours a day, so you can come and go as you please. Rooms are air conditioned in the summer, which is definitely a bonus (summers in Rome can get sticky!), and there’s internet access available. There’s a kitchen you can use to cook your own meals (a great way to save money when you’re traveling), and even a roof garden to enjoy when the weather’s nice. And if you’re not sure you want to stay in a dorm-style room, you can always switch to one of the Colors Hotel’s private hotel-style rooms instead.

Prices range from €13 for a dorm bed in the low season to €27 in the high season. Note that bed linens are included in the price of the bed, but towels and breakfast are not.

Bella Roma Hostel
Via E. Accinni 63 – 00195 Roma
One of the highlights of any stay in Rome should be a visit to Vatican City. If you’re staying in a hostel near Termini, that’s going to require a trek on the Metro or by bus across the river to St. Peter’s. If, on the other hand, you’re staying at Bella Roma Hostel, you’re only a short walk from the Catholic mothership.

The neighborhoods around the Vatican are largely residential, and BellaRoma is located on a relatively quiet street not far from St. Peter’s Square. Close by you’ll also find many things a budget traveler needs, including supermarkets and laundromats. And because there’s so much in the way of public transport around Vatican City, you’re still able to reach other points of interest throughout the city from the hostel. The hostel is a no-frills place, so don’t expect the same perks you’ll find at some other hostels – but what you will find is a cheap place to stay (without a curfew, which is nice) that’s a stone’s throw from Vatican City.

Prices range from €8 for a dorm bed in the low season to €22 in the high season. Note that bed linens are included in the price of the bed, but breakfast, internet access, and towels are not.
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Ciao Bella Hostel
Via Quattro Fontane, 159 – 00184 Roma
While you can actually walk to Ciao Bella Hostel from Termini Station, it’s roughly halfway between the station and the heart of ancient Rome – so I feel comfortable calling this a hostel away from Termini. (Hey, it’s my list.) This is an apartment that’s been converted into a hostel, so while the accommodation options are dorm-style you may feel more like you’re staying in a friend’s flat than a hostel. The hostel offers free internet and WiFi access and you can hang out in the courtyard outside.

Ciao Bella is right across the street from teh National Gallery of Ancient Art, and within walking distance of famous sights like the Spanish Steps and Trevi Fountain. There’s no curfew, although there is a lockout period from 11am-3pm for cleaning and the reception desk isn’t open 24 hours a day. You’ll have a key, so you don’t need to worry about waking anyone up to let you in after 2am!

Prices range from €22 for a dorm bed in the low season to €30 in the high season. Note that bed linens, internet access and WiFi are included in the price of the bed, but breakfast and towels are not.

Mona Lisa Hostel
Via Palermo 13 – 00185 Roma
This is another hostel that’s about midway from Termini Station to the sights of ancient Rome, and it has the added bonus of being near a few of the city’s green spaces. Mona Lisa Hostel is on the small side, which is great for anyone who’s looking for the budget perks of staying in a hostel without sharing your digs with 300 other people. You’ll be a pretty easy walk from many of Rome’s top sights, or close enough to public transport to take advantage of that if you’d prefer.

The hostel is also in an historic building – Vatican cardinals had their offices there in the 1700s, and the ceilings were actually frescoed in a Tuscan cottage in the 1300s and later moved to the building where Mona Lisa Hostel is now. Unlike many hostels today, however, this one does have a curfew – you’ll need to be back inside its doors before 3am (or find a place to crash until they reopen at 7:30am!). There’s also a lockout period for cleaning from 11am-4pm. The hostel does provide internet access for free and a discount at its Backpackers Pub (plus a free shot to welcome you!).

Prices range from €15 for a dorm bed in the low season to €25 in the high season. Note that bed linens, internet access, and breakfast are included in the price of the bed, but towels are not.

Ottaviano Hostel
Via Ottaviano 6 – 00192 Roma
While it’s not as old as Rome itself, the Ottaviano Hostel claims that it’s Rome’s oldest hostel – it’s been in operation since 1956. The hostel is located not far from St. Peter’s Square in Vatican City and some of the rooms even boast a view of the basilica’s dome. Public transport options are close by, but many sights in Rome are within walking distance as well (especially if it’s a nice day). There’s no curfew or lockout period, so you have the freedom to come and go whenever you want to.

Ottaviano Hostel (also sometimes called Pensione Ottaviano) offers high-speed internet access for free, and there’s a library of books you can look through and even swap out that novel you just finished for a new book. Additionally, the neighborhood around the hostel has all the things a budget traveler likes to have access to – including supermarkets and laundromats. The hostel’s staff all speak English, and can help you out with information about Rome as well as set up tours of the city for you.

Prices range from €9 for a dorm bed in the low season to €23 in the high season. Note that bed linens and internet access are included in the price of the bed, but towels and breakfast are not.

Rome City Hostel
Viale Ippocrate 91 – 00161 Roma
While many of the hostels that aren’t clustered around Termini are to the west of the station in the general direction of many of the city’s famous sights, Rome City Hostel is in the opposite direction. This relatively new hostel in Rome lies northeast of the train station in a primarily residential neighborhood. But in case you’re worried that it’s going to be too far away from everything you want to see, there’s a bus stop right in front of the hostel and a Metro stop roughly 500 meters from the hostel’s front door.

Rome City Hostel has no curfew and the front desk is open 24 hours a day, making it easy to keep whatever schedule you want. The emphasis at this hostel is on more private rooms, although there are small dorms available – and every room, even the dorms, has an en suite bathroom.

Prices range from €10 for a dorm bed in the low season to €26 in the high season. Note that bed linens, internet access & WiFi, and breakfast (continental in high season, eggs & toast in low season) are included in the price of the bed, but towels are not.

Tiber Village Hostel
Via Tiberina km 1,400 – 00188 Roma
You want a hostel far from Termini Station? With Tiber Village Hostel, that’s just what you’ll get. In fact, it’s a full 20 minutes away from the city center, and in order to get back and forth you’ll need to take a combination of a few transportation methods. Still, if you’re looking for a budget bed that’s not in the Termini neighborhood, you could do worse. Why? Because this place is less like a traditional hostel and more like a budget resort. It’s called “camping,” but you don’t need to worry about bringing a tent or a sleeping bag – this you’ll be staying in modular buildings and they’ve got everything you need on-site (there are more traditional campsites available, too, for those who are so inclined).

The grounds include a swimming pool, beer garden, bar, pool tables, restaurant, and even an on-site supermarket. Internet use is free, there are laundry facilites you can use, and there’s no curfew. What’s more, part of the trip back and forth from the Tiber Village Hostel into the city is on the hostel’s own free shuttle bus, which runs every half-hour between 8am and 11pm. And if you’re having too much fun in the city to get back before the last shuttle, don’t worry – the folks at the hostel can tell you what trams and buses to take to get back to your bed in the wee hours.

Prices range from €9.50 per person in the low season to €11 in the high season. Note that linens are included in the price, but breakfast and towels are not.
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Plus Camping Roma
Via Aurelia 831 (km 8, 2) – 00165 Roma
Another place in the “camping that’s not really camping” department is Plus Camping Roma, which is about 15 minutes away from Vatican City via public transport. Like Tiber Village, this is probably best described as a budget resort. You can choose from a bed in a “house tent” or a cabin, so you don’t need to worry about hauling a sleeping bag or your own tent with you (although if you are hauling your own tent, you can pitch it at Plus Camping Roma for even less than the price of a bed). And once you’re there, you can take advantage of the many resort-like features of this place – including a swimming pool (complete with a poolside bar), jacuzzis, beach volleyball courts, and a restaurant, bar, pizzeria, and mini-market all on-site.

There are also regular theme parties at the hostel, and the bar transforms into a disco most nights with a live DJ. With all the amenities you’ll find at this place, you may forget that the attractions of Rome are a short bus ride away. (Okay, you probably won’t. But still, when you’re back from a day of sightseeing, slipping into the jacuzzi is going to be really, really nice.)

Prices range from €18 for a dorm bed in a cabin in the low season to €25 in the high season. Note that bed linens are included in the price, but internet access, breakfast and towels are not.
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Litus Roma Hostel
Lungomare P. Toscanelli 186 – 00121 Lido di Ostia
Of course, if even the 15-20 minute trip into Rome from Tiber Village or Plus Camping is too close for you, then consider Litus Roma Hostel, which is located only 4 miles from Rome’s Fiumicino Airport in nearby Lido di Ostia. This spot is ideal for anyone who’s more interested in the archaeology of Ostia Antica or the beaches outside Rome than the city itself – or for anyone who needs a break from the chaos of the Italian capital after a day’s sightseeing.

The building housing the hostel’s 130 beds is an historic building right on the sea, and many of the rooms even overlook the water. Litus Roma offers a game room, bar/restaurant, laundry facilities, private parking area, and even has an on-site movie theatre with free nightly movies. There’s no lockout or curfew, and even though there are dorm rooms they’re all single beds rather than bunks.

Prices rangee from €18 for a dorm bed in the low season to €30 in the high season. Note that breakfast, bed linens, towels, internet access, WiFi, and parking are all included in the price of the bed.

And if none of these tickles your fancy, there are plenty of other choices – including the Rome hostels that are near Termini Station!

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