Booking Your Italy Hostel

Finding a hostel in Italy isn’t as easy as you might think, depending on where you’re staying. The bigger cities have lots of options, but the smaller ones don’t always use the word “hostel” so it can be a bit confusing to know which ones are the budget accommodations. Plus, when you’re hunting for an Italy hostel online, many of the sites you’ll find have the exact same listings over and over again, so it’s nearly impossible to get a feel for a place beforehand.

Some of the hostel booking sites have good maps that will help you find the hostel (and let you know how far of a hike it will be from the hostel to the main attractions), some have information about a place to help you decide what to do with your time there. Most sites have photos of the hostels (usually provided by the hostels themselves) so you can see what you’re booking. Chances are good that if you use a few of these sites you’ll find one you like best.




Here are a few of the links to hostels in Italy on various hostel booking sites, so you can do some comparison shopping and find your favorite. And if your favorite isn’t listed here, let me know!

Hostel Bookers
Hostel World
Europe Hostels
Hostels Club

The “Best Hostels in the Best Cities” website doesn’t have listings for entire countries, but covers the most visited cities, including the following in Italy:
The Best Hostels in Florence
The Best Hostels in Milan
The Best Hostels in Rome
The Best Hostels in Venice

Photo by: rita’s signs

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