Camping in Italy

Traveling on a budget is something most people strive for. While some might dream of blowing out all the stops on a plush five-star hotel, helicopter rides, limousines and $500 bottles of wine, most people – even those who can afford to spend more – like to save money where they can when they travel. And next to your airfare to Italy, your next biggest ticket item is going to be where you stay.

For many people, staying in an Italy hostel is the best way to save money on accommodations. They’re inexpensive, often fun, you get to meet up with other travelers, and they can sometimes be in historic buildings. But for the more outdoorsy types, have you ever considered camping in Italy?




Now, I don’t mean that you’re going to lug your own tent and camping stove with you on the airplane – instead, I’m talking about the network of campsites which has sprung up throughout Italy and where you can sometimes get an even better deal than on a hostel bed. Simply by choosing the word “campsite” from the drop-down menu under “Select your property type” on this hostels in Italy search engine, you can find some excellent bargain beds in Italy’s biggest tourist cities.

For instance, there is a chain of campsites called “Plus Camping” which have locations in Rome, Florence and Venice, along with a handful of other cities around the country – but there are other privately-owned campsites as well. There is also a campsite in Rome that looks more like a resort than a campsite. Many have tent-like structures, but they’re often much more permanent looking (and feeling!) with real beds – and some even come with en suite bathrooms. Amenities can include things like places to play volleyball and swimming pools, and since these campsites are not right in the center of the city they will also sometimes have small dining establishments and frequent public transportation for guests.

So, when you’re planning your next Italy vacation, don’t feel like you’re restricted to the traditional hostel if you’re trying to save money. Try looking into an Italy campsite, too.

Photo by: Kurt Morrow

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