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Hostels in Naples City Center

Naples may not be as expensive a city to visit as Rome or Venice, but that doesn’t mean it’s not still a good idea to save money wherever you can when you go. After all – the more money you save on accommodation, the more pizza you’ll be able to buy, right? That savings is one good reason to book a Naples hostel.
There are a few hostels that are very close to the area where I’d stay if I were in Naples, and a few more that are a bit further afield. On the map below you’ll find several options for hostels in Naples. They’re scattered kind of all over the place, as you’ll see by the icons, and I definitely have a part of the city I’d rather be in – but since there are only a few places in my favorite part of the city, I’m presenting a few more options here for you to choose from. The star on the map below is the Piazza del Gesu Nuovo, which is in the historic center (although it’s not at the center of the center, if you know what I mean) – it’s there to give you a little reference for where the historic center is.
To find out more about each hostel indicated on the map below, you can click on the icon on the map itself. Alternately, you can scroll down underneath the map to read a brief description of each place and also find a link for more details.
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Hostels in Naples

Naples Hostels

Hostel of the Sun
If your time in Naples is going to be split between exploring the historic center and taking day trips to Pompeii, the islands, or the Amalfi Coast, then the Hostel of the Sun is pretty ideally situated. It’s close to the port, and only a short walk to the historic center. Not only that, it’s close to the bus station where you’d catch buses to both the Amalfi (if you’re not taking a boat) and Pompeii.
Hostel of the Sun is very highly-rated and listed in several guidebooks (which means you should book ahead in the busy season). Although you’ll need to rent a towel (or bring your own), both bed linens and breakfast are included for free. The hostel has A/C, there’s no curfew, reception is open 24 hours a day, and there’s a well-equipped kitchen and common room for everyone’s enjoyment and use.

Hostel and Hotel Bella Capri
Located very close to Hostel of the Sun (and so enjoying all the same location-based perks) is the Hostel and Hotel Bella Capri. As the name suggests, this is something of a hybrid as far as accommodation goes, with some hostel-style dorm rooms and some hotel-style private rooms.
Bed linens, breakfast, and WiFi is free, and there’s no curfew or lockout. There’s a well-equipped kitchen, and the reception desk is open 24 hours a day. Some rooms have private bathrooms, so if you want a little splurge you can ask about those – otherwise, a room with a shared bathroom will be cheaper.

6 Small Rooms
If you’ve already browsed through my article on hotels in Naples’ historic center, you’ll recognize the name 6 Small Rooms. As is the case with the Hostel and Hotel Bella Capri, 6 Small Rooms offers some hostel-style dorm rooms and some private rooms, so it bridges the gap between accommodation options. The place really is as small as it sounds, however, so if it appeals to you don’t delay in booking or it might already be full.
6 Small Rooms is located right in Naples’ historic center, just off the main avenue Via Toledo, and it’s run by an expat from Australia. Bed linens are free (bring your own towel or rent one there), there’s no curfew or lockout, and there’s a kitchen and common room for guest use. Note that the reception desk isn’t open 24/7 (they ask that you arrive before midnight) and there’s a resident cat (so don’t book this place if you have allergies).

Welcome Inn
On the outskirts of the historic center lies the fabulous National Archaeological Museum in Naples – and just a few steps away from the museum lies the Welcome Inn hostel. The location makes it a longer walk to the port and bus station for day trip departures, but for exploring the historic center and especially for the city’s top museum it’s a great spot.
Bed linens and WiFi are included for free (bring your own towels or you’ll have to rent them on-site), a free continental breakfast is available upon request, there’s no curfew or lockout, the reception desk is open 24 hours a day, there’s a guest kitchen and common room with an international library, and all dorm room sizes have private bathrooms. A couple of times a week, everyone at the hostel is welcome to join in the pasta meal and then to go out for a drink.

AIG Hostel Mergellina
The AIG Hostel Mergellina is further away from the historic center of Naples than I prefer to stay, but it’s the only AIG hostel in Naples – and AIG is the Italian version of Hostelling International. So if you’re an HI member, this is the Naples hostel in the HI network. The hostel is in the Mergellina neighborhood, which is on the other side of the Capodimonte hill from the historic center, but it is located relatively close to a metro and train station (200 meters) so you can get into the city center easily without having to walk the whole way.
Bed linens and a traditional Italian breakfast are included for free (towels are available for rent if you don’t have your own), there’s free parking if you’ve rented a car, internet and WiFi are available in the lobby, there’s no curfew, and reception is open 24 hours a day.

Hostel Pensione Mancini
The neighborhood around the central train station in Naples is another I personally wouldn’t choose to stay in, but it does offer a good selection of cheap hotels as well as hostels, and it can be handy if you’ve got an early morning train somewhere. The Hostel Pensione Mancini is a short walk from the train station, and offers both dorm rooms and private rooms to choose from – both of which have the option of a private bathroom or a shared bathroom.
At Hostel Pensione Mancini, bed linens, breakfast, and internet use are all available for free (towels cost extra to rent if you don’t have your own), there’s a well-equipped kitchen for guest use, and there’s no curfew or lockout.

photo by Argenberg