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Malpensa Airport Hotels Near Milan

malpensa_stairsIf you’re anything like me, you probably think hunting for an airport hotel isn’t exactly fun stuff. A hotel in a city center means you’re going to see something in the city – whether you’re there for business or pleasure – but an airport hotel? That means you’ve either got a pre-dawn flight out or such a late arrival that you’ll be incoherent. Either way, it doesn’t translate into “fun” in my book.
Still, you’ve got things you’ll need at an airport hotel – close proximity to the airport being top of the list. So although there are lots of Milan area hotels that either had “Malpensa Airport hotel” in their description or use the word “Malpensa” in their title, a quick look at a map shows how far some of them are from the actual airport. The Malpensa Airport hotels I’ve listed here are actually close enough to the airport to be useful for flights in or out.
To learn more about each of these Milan Malpensa Airport hotels, you can click on the icons on the map below – or you can scroll further down to read a short description about the hotels and then click through to the links for more details. If you choose to click through the map, note that some of the hotels are so close together that the icons might be overlapping to such a degree you won’t see all of them. You may need to zoom in further to differentiate between individual hotels.
Either way you decide to find out more about them, you have my condolences for whatever’s requiring you to book an airport hotel in the first place.

Milan Malpensa Airport Hotels

Malpensa Airport Hotels in Milan

Holiday Inn Express Milan Malpensa Airport
Via Francesco De Pinedo – Somma Lombardo 21019
For sheer proximity to the airport, the Holiday Inn Express Milan Malpensa Airport wins pretty much hands-down. It’s a short 500 meters to the terminal, and in a pinch (and without too much luggage) you could even walk to the airport from the hotel or vice versa. This could come in handy, as the hotel doesn’t really deliver on its promise of a free shuttle back and forth. They say they’re working on it, but don’t rely on the shuttle until you confirm it with them directly.
There are 124 rooms in the hotel, free parking, and WiFi access available for a fee. Guests can enjoy a free breakfast buffet at the Holiday Inn Express Milan Malpensa Airport. As mentioned, in lieu of the not-always-available free airport shuttle, you can take the airport bus which gets to within 200 meters of the hotel (a little over halfway) or take a taxi which should cost around €15 one-way.
Crowne Plaza Malpensa Airport Hotel
Via Ferrarin 7 – Somma Lombardo 21019
The sister hotel to the Holiday Inn Express is the Crowne Plaza Malpensa Airport Hotel, located nearby. It’s a 4-star hotel with a very reliable and easily scheduled free airport shuttle that’s available 24 hours a day. Also free is access to the hotel’s gym (including a sauna and Turkish bath).
Guests at the Crowne Plaza Malpensa Airport Hotel get free WiFi in the on-site bar or restaurant, but elsewhere getting online comes with a fee. There are 133 rooms in the hotel, and plenty of parking for hotel guests (although the only free parking is “unguarded”).
First Hotel Malpensa
Via Baracca 34 – Somma Lombardo 21019
Another 4-star hotel option is the First Hotel Malpensa, roughly halfway between terminals 1 and 2 about 500 meters from the airport. There are only 58 rooms, but the hotel has an on-site bar and restaurant (open all week) and a conference center.
A free shuttle is available to get you to and from the airport which runs from 4:30am until 1am, and there’s also free parking if you’ve got a car with you. The First Hotel Malpensa offers a free breakfast buffet from 5:30am until 10am each day. And if you just want a place to shower, relax, and refresh between flights but don’t need or want to stay the night, you can choose one of the hotel’s “day-use rooms” which are open from 9am until 6pm.
Novotel Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel
Via Al Campo 99 – Cardano Al Campo 21010
Located about 7km from Malpensa Airport in nearby Cardano al Campo, the Novotel Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel is considered a 4-star hotel – but often offers really great deals on hotel rooms. The hotel has a fantastic breakfast (for a fee) and 208 rooms, each equipped with WiFi (also for a fee). There’s a computer in the lobby where you can get online for free.
There’s a free shuttle between the hotel and the airport, but it doesn’t run 24 hours (it runs from 6am until 11pm). If you need transport outside those times, you’re looking at a taxi ride (which can cost in the €25-30 range one-way). The Novotel Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel has an on-site bar, gym, outdoor pool, & 24-hour cafe.
Cardano Hotel
Via al Campo 10 – Cardano al Campo 21010
Just down the street from the Novotel is the Cardano Hotel at Malpensa, another 4-star airport hotel with less-than-4-star prices. This is a modern hotel inside and out – the building is semi-circular in shape, even. Guests enjoy free WiFi throughout the hotel and a free breakfast as well which is available from 7am until 10am.
The Cardano Hotel features an outdoor pool, an on-site bar, and a free shuttle to get you to and from the airport as well as two nearby restaurants. There are only 60 rooms in the hotel. Do note that the free shuttle operates between 5am and 10:30am and then again from 5pm until 10:30pm, and outside those hours you will need to take a taxi back and forth.
Ibis Milan Malpensa Airport Hotel
Via al Campo – Cardano al Campo 21010
Since this is in the Ibis hotel chain, there are some things you can expect – one of those things is a room that’s budget-friendly. The Ibis Milano Malpensa Aeroporto Hotel is also about 7km from the airport and has 188 rooms, an on-site bar and restaurant, and parking facilities for those of you who are driving.
The Ibis Milano Malpensa Aeroporto Hotel has both WiFi and internet access available, and a buffet breakfast is served starting at 6:30am each day. But since it’s a budget-friendly hotel, you won’t find a free shuttle to get you to or from the airport – so be sure to factor that into any savings you’re getting on the room.
Best Western Hotel Cavalieri Della Corona
Via Baroldo 12 – Cardano Al Campo 21010
Another of the hotels in Cardano al Campo is the Best Western Hotel Cavalieri Della Corona, a 4-star hotel in the popular worldwide chain. There are 176 rooms in the hotel, which features an indoor pool, free parking, an on-site restaurant and bar, and a fitness center.
Not only does the Best Western Hotel Cavalieri Della Corona offer a free airport shuttle from 5am until 11:45pm (outside those times you’ll need to arrange for a taxi), they also offer a free breakfast for those who are leaving super early – breakfast is available from 4am-7am if you need it that early.
Malpensa Inn
Via Sant’Anna 25 – Lonate Pozzolo 21015
South of Malpensa lies the Malpensa Inn, about 4.5km from the airport in Lonate Pozzolo. It’s a newly-built hotel but it more closely resembles something like a long two-story cottage than a 4-star airport hotel. There are 42 rooms, a big private garden, and a relaxing atmosphere.
Guests at the Malpensa Inn get WiFi access (for a fee) and free parking, and pets are accepted at no extra charge. A continental breakfast buffet is served in the bar from 6:30-9:30am, or you can have breakfast “Italian-style” (at the bar rather than sit-down) if you’ve got to leave earlier. There’s no airport shuttle at this hotel, so you’ll need to have your own car or take a taxi.
photo at the top by SAITOR