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New Italy Hotels Search Tool

laptopSometimes when you’re looking for a hotel in Italy, the only things you care about are where the hotel is and how much it costs. Heck, most of the time you probably only care about how much it costs! But then sometimes you’ve got your heart set on one place in particular – you’ve read about a specific hotel, and you really want to stay there. What you don’t have is the hotel’s website, only a name, so you figure you’re stuck. Well, you’re not.

At the Italy Logue we’ve just introduced a new set of hotel pages that will help you out whether you have a specific hotel in mind or just a set of travel dates. When you click on any one of the Italy hotels pages, you’ll get a quick search box at the top as well as a long list of hotels at the bottom. You can ignore the whole long list and just enter your travel information in the search box, which will then open up as many new windows as you select in step 2 so you can book a hotel directly on those sites.

But if you’ve got a specific hotel in mind, you can scroll down until you find it. Then, when you click on that hotel’s name, you’ll get a pop-up box with the same search box that’s at the top of the page… Only this time, it’s only going to search for the availability of that specific hotel you want to stay in. It’ll still open up as many new windows as you ask it to search in step 2, but the only results you’ll get will be related to the hotel you’ve chosen.

There are cities all over Italy represented in this new hotels search tool, including some of the most popular places to visit – like Rome, Venice, Florence, Naples and Milan – but if you scroll down on the main Italy hotels page you’ll see a massive list of cities to choose from.

The idea here is to help you find the best deals on any given hotel, or a set of travel dates, so we’re letting you do side-by-side comparisons of the travel websites that are offering hotel stays in the cities you’ll be visiting. We think this is a really helpful way to find a hotel that will suit you for your upcoming trip to Italy.