You Can Vote for Italy’s Best Hostels

Travel in Italy is expensive, there’s no doubt about it. One of the best ways to stretch your travel budget is to sleep cheap in hostels in Italy. But with so many hostels to choose from in each city – especially the biggest tourist cities in the country – how do you find the time to read about each one and know that you’re not getting a dud? The new listing of the Top Italy Hostels from BootsnAll should help you out.

So far, the Holy Trinity (as I call them) of Italian cities are covered – Florence, Rome and Venice – with around 10 of the best hostels in each city, and with more cities to eventually be added to the list. When you’re hunting for a great place to stay in these cities, it’s a good resource that helps sort through the maze of hostels to get you straight to the ones that hostel-goers rate the highest. But what’s even better is that if you’ve stayed in any of the hostels listed, you can get in on the act, too! You can rate each hostel with a quick thumbs-up or thumbs-down click (after you fill out a short signup form), thereby helping make the listings even more useful to the next person who is searching for a place to sleep.




Have a look around – if you’ve stayed in any of the Italy hostels listed, go ahead and vote for whether you think it deserves to be included on a list of the best hostels in Italy or not. And if you’re looking for a place to lay your head on your next trip to Italy, this is a great place to start looking.

Photo by: Mutineer Landing

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