Planning a Trip

Italy is one of the most popular tourist destinations on earth, and anyone who’s been can easily see why. If you’re planning a trip to Italy, here’s where to start.

Some Italian news and tidbits for your Sunday reading: The new seven wonders of the world have been announced, and Italy’s entry – the Colosseum in Rome – made the final cut. Touring in Campania without a car? You can borrow a bike for free. Don’t be afraid to order […]

Italian News Snippets: 07.15.07

In January 2011, Rome introduced a new tax on accommodation, amounting to €1-3 per person per night, depending on the type of accommodation. Not to be outdone, the cities of Florence and Venice have rushed to implement similar taxes, which will take effect on July 1, 2011. >> Thanks to […]

New Hotel Taxes in Florence & Venice

Not everyone can travel to Italy every year, or be in Italy whenever they want – so, for some, the next best thing is reading about Italy. Immersing oneself in a book about Italian culture or set in an Italian city can offer a delightful temporary escape – not to […]

A Reading List for Italophiles

This month, the Italy Roundtable bloggers decided to get elemental – we each chose one of the Greek classical elements to apply to Italy in some way. Maybe because Italy’s in the midst of the coldest winter it has experienced in 27 years, maybe because my favorite color is orange, […]

Italy Roundtable: Italy’s Active Volcanoes