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Best Party Hostels in Rome (or Places Where You Might Not Sleep Much)

Travel is about more than sight-seeing. It’s also about making connections, whether that’s with the locals or with other travelers. Even in a city like Rome, where there’s no shortage of attractions and monuments to take up every spare moment of your day if you let them, there are still ample opportunities to be social and have a good time. The city is full of discos and night clubs, it’s true – but rather than run the risk of getting too drunk to remember your way back to your hostel, why not choose a hostel that doubles as a party hotspot? It’s easy to do when you choose one of the hostels on this list, widely known for being the best party hostels in Rome.

There’s a map of Rome below, with many of the big attractions marked along with the locations of the big party hostels, so you can see exactly where they are. You can read more about each one by scrolling down underneath the map, or by clicking on the hostel icon link on the map.

Best Party Hostels in Rome

The Yellow
Via Palestro 44 – 00185 Rome
The Yellow is, without a doubt, the best party hostel in Rome. Located a stone’s throw from Termini Station, this hostel is as bright and lively as the name would suggest. The all-dorm bedrooms are decorated with solid flourescent blocks of color and stenciled graffiti images in random spots on the mostly-white walls. There are big windows and the rooms are clean and well-lit.

But this really is a party hostel, so let’s face it – you’re not going to be spending much time in your room. So let’s get to the things about this hostel that make it such a great social spot. First of all, The Yellow Bar is fabulous. It serves as the breakfast room in the morning, but at night it’s the perfect place to start the evening’s festivities with a cheap drink. And if you’ve got some time to kill before the real party starts, just wind your way down the corner stair into the basement lounge. You can relax in the cushioned nooks, listen to music, play foosball or other games, and just chill out.

Don’t get too relaxed, however, because The Yellow hosts one of the best pub crawls in Rome. You don’t need to worry about knowing where the nighttime hotspots are – your Yellow guide knows, and will take you right to them. And the good news is that when you get back to the hostel at the end of the pub crawl, you can keep the party going with your new friends – because no one who stays at The Yellow is expecting to sleep much.

Prices range from roughly €13-35, depending on the season and the number of beds in the dorm you choose. Internet access and WiFi are free, linens are included, and there’s no lockout or curfew; breakfast and towels will cost extra. Read my review of The Yellow, with photos from when I visited.
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Alessandro Palace
Via Vicenza 42 – 00185 Rome
Of all the hostels in Alessandro’s empire, it’s the original – the Alessandro Palace Hostel – that is the definite party hostel. The other two hostels managed by the same crew (and yes, there’s really a guy named Alessandro behind the whole operation), Alessandro Downtown and Mosaic Hostel, don’t have their own bars or nearly the social vibe that the Palace has. And while guests of the other two hostels can congregate at the Palace bar and get the same discounts, why not just stay at the Palace and have a shorter walk to bed at the end of the night?

As mentioned, the Alessandro Palace Bar offers great drinks discounts to guests, but it also has some of the cheapest drinks in the city to begin with – so drag any of your friends with you to the bar and show them what they’re missing by staying in another hostel! The hostel itself is located near Termini station, and offers both dorm-style rooms and some private doubles and triples. All the rooms have en suite bathrooms.

In addition to the Alessandro Bar, the Alessandro Palace increases your options for social interaction by hosting regular pizza parties which are free to guests – the timing of these parties varies, so ask at the front desk to find out when they’re scheduled. If it’s the high season, they have the parties more often (sometimes even nightly) – and while the party atmosphere itself is great, it doesn’t hurt to get free dinner on top of that.

Prices range from roughly €18-42, depending on the season and the number of beds in the dorm you choose (private doubles and triples cost more). Breakfast, linens, and pizza parties are free; internet access and towels will cost extra. There’s no official lockout and no curfew, although guests are asked to stay out of the cleaning crew’s way whenever possible. Read my review of Alessandro Palace, with photos from when I visited.
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M&J Place
Via Solferino 9 – 00185 Rome
When a hostel is incredibly popular and there’s always a good crowd staying there, it becomes a party spot by default. Such is the case with M&J Place Hostel. This busy hostel, also right around the corner from Termini station, enjoys a steady stream of walk-in traffic in addition to its year-round bookings. Because even if you have the best bar in the world, it’s not a party unless you’ve got the people to fill it. At M&J, they’ve got the people.

The hostel’s bar is in the same building as the hostel, just one door down from the hostel’s entrance. It’s calle the Living Room, and it serves as the breakfast area in the morning, a cafe serving quick and cheap meals for lunch and dinner, and a bar/disco at night (often with a DJ). And all you need to do is stop by the hostel’s front desk to pick up a ticket for one free drink each night – because what better way is there to start off the night in Rome than with a free drink?

Should you want to venture elsewhere after that free drink, just join the hostel’s pub crawl and be taken on a wild ride around Rome. And are you going to be celebrating your birthday while you’re at M&J? Be sure to let them know when you check in, because there are surprises for birthday boys and girls.

Prices range from roughly €10-35, depending on the season and the number of beds in the dorm you choose (private rooms cost more). Breakfast, linens, internet & WiFi are free; towels will cost extra. There’s no lockout and no curfew. Read my review of M&J Place, with photos from when I visited.
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