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Hottest Italian Soccer Players, Part II

As the Italian soccer season is in the midst of its holiday break (which means I’m suffering from a severe case of withdrawal), I thought I’d take take another look at some of the hottest Italian soccer players playing in Italy and beyond. Some of you may remember the first list I made of what I thought were the 10 hottest Italian soccer players at the time – I still stick by the fine-looking gentlemen I chose for that list (especially seeing as how My Boyfriend is on it), but there’s no harm in expanding the list of sexy Italian men, is there? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

So, sit back and enjoy this, the second in what I hope will be a long-running series of posts about the hottest Italian soccer players (in no particular order).

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  • Marco Borriello (AC Milan) – This Naples-born striker had a truly stand-out season playing at Genoa in 2007-2008 and was brought to AC Milan during the summer of 2008. Borriello hasn’t had the greatest season so far, but even when he’s not playing at his best he’s still damned pretty to look at. And fittingly, he’s currently engaged to someone who’s equally pretty – model Belen Rodriguez. (And oh my goodness, I just found these pictures of a clearly-naked Borriello in the shower! Thanks to the HABs blog for that one.)
  • Mattia Cassani (Palermo) – One of Palermo’s defenders, Cassani was born in a town northeast of Turin, so he’s a long way from home. I found this picture (and others) on what I assumed was the website of some kind of modeling agency Cassani was signed up with. Turns out it’s just his agent’s website. But if this is how they choose to portray him when they’re trying to market his athleticism, I think it’s safe to say I’m not the only one who thinks he’s steamy.
  • Antonio Di Natale (Udinese) – Like Borriello, Di Natale (who’s commonly called “Toto”) was also born in Naples and is also a striker. He’s also often described with the word “diminutive.” Which is a polite way of saying he’s short. He wasn’t my favorite guy in the whole wide world during the Euro 2008 competition, when his penalty kick against Spain didn’t go in, but I’ve since forgiven him because – well, because he’s a hottie. If you need more convincing, when Dolce & Gabbana ran a second round of their oh-so-lovely underwear ads featuring soccer players, Toto’s was among the bodies they chose to put their skivvies on.
  • Paolo Cannavaro (Napoli) – If that name looks familiar to you, it should. Paolo is the little brother of famed Italy captain (and international heartthrob) Fabio. Both brothers are defenders, and Paolo serves as the Napoli captain. And, as the Cannavaros were born in Naples, Paolo is a hometown hero. So if you aren’t up for the long queue to get to Fabio, take heart – there are more Cannavaros where he came from.
  • Giuseppe Rossi (Villarreal) – The young Rossi was, in fact, actually born in Teaneck, New Jersey. Yes, New Jersey. He’s Italian-American, born in the US to Italian parents, and as such he’s already played for the Italian national squad. His club is in Spain, but his heart is obviously in Italy. And that’s good enough for me. Oh, and the fact that he’s downright adorable helps, too.
  • Alberto Aquilani (AS Roma) – Another youngster on this list is Aquilani, a midfielder who was born in Rome and plays for one of the two teams in Rome. He’s been called up recently to play for the Italian national team, too, so we can probably expect to see lots more of this kid. Which, in my book, is a very good thing.
  • Andrea Barzagli (Wolfsburg) – Barzagli was one of the lucky boys in the Azzurri blue who won the World Cup in 2006, and he’s still one of the players who gets called up to the Italian national team, but as of this year he’s no longer playing for an Italian club. This Tuscan defender now plys his trade in Germany with Wolfsburg. I’m trying to not hold that against him, but I think we’d all be happier if he came back to an Italian club – mainly because then I’d get to look at him watch him play more often.
  • Gianluca Zambrotta (AC Milan) – Another member of the World Cup winning team in 2006 was Zambrotta, who was rescued from playing in Barcelona this year by AC Milan. He was born in Como (yes, the impossibly picturesque town on the famous Lake Como), and he was also one of the members of the Italian team that got to strip down to their Dolce & Gabbana undies for that fantasmagorical post-World Cup photo shoot. Incidentally, the fact that Zambrotta made his way to Milan this year means that fully three of the five underwear models in those pictures now play for AC Milan. So if you had any remaining questions as to why Milan is my team, let that put an end to them.
  • Gennaro Sardo (Catania) – Sardo was thisclose to making my first list, so he was a shoe-in on this one. I mean, really – talk about tall, dark, and handsome… Sardo was born in the Campania region and plays defense for Catania. Sadly, there’s very little information about him online (at least that I can find), but I think if you stare into those eyes for awhile you’ll forget that you ever wanted to know anything more than his name.
  • Cesare Prandelli (Fiorentina) – This is an honorable mention award for the guy I think would win the award for the Most Fashionable Coach in Italy, if there were such a prize. Prandelli is a former player who has been coaching since 1990. He’s currently the manager of Fiorentina, and I’ve never seen him on the sidelines not wearing the team colors (purple and red) – which he does with a quintessentially Italian flair. Purple or red zip-up sweaters, puffy down jackets, or even track suits (seriously, he can make them look good), he’s got them all. And he’s usually got a turned-up collar or scarf underneath. I’m telling you, this man is one stylish dude. And in a country where being stylish is almost a prerequisite for citizenship, that’s saying something.

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original photos: Barzagli from here, Di Natale from here, Cannavaro from here, Rossi from here, Aquilani from here, Zambrotta from here, Sardo from here, Prandelli from here