Anti-Wrinkle Pizza Stirs Controversy in Italy

What’s the best way to combine the very Italian love of not-always-good-for-you food (are you listening, carbs?) with the also very Italian love of looking younger than your age? Why, the anti-wrinkle pizza, of course.

A nutritionist in Italy has created what he’s calling an “anti-wrinkle” pizza which, thanks to its ingredients, gives an added anti-oxidant boost to the body thereby helping to keep wrinkles at bay. This fancy new pizza is made with wholemeal flour, for starters, and also has several toppings which are high in magnesium and iron – including garlic, basil, mushrooms, arugula, zucchini, carrots and spinach.




Predictably, Italian foodies are up in arms over this bastardized pizza (particularly the wholemeal flour in the dough, which they say keeps the crust from forming the traditionally accepted way), although apparently the Pope can be counted among those who has tasted and enjoyed it. With the Pope on your side, who else do you really need?

Photo by: kattebelletje

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