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Sicilian Gelato Sandwiches

briocheI’ve been known to say now and again on this here Italy Travel Guide that it’s all but mandatory (in my opinion, anyway) that you have gelato every day during your Italian vacation. I feel completely guilt-free making – and living by – this recommendation, because Italian gelato is far less fattening than American ice cream. Besides, you’re inevitably going to be doing a ton of walking – in many cases far more than you do at home – so it balances out. At least that’s what I tell myself.

So far, I have not made it to Sicily. But something tells me that when I do, I’m going to have to either cut back on the amount of gelato I consume or I’m going to have to go without the gelato accompaniment Sara talks about heregelato in a brioche.

Now, I’m not saying that it doesn’t look fabulous (though I’m not a huge fan of pistacchio ice cream, the color is gorgeous enough I might have to try it again), I’m just saying that a brioche isn’t exactly a low-fat gelato holder. Plus, that’s a whole helluva lot more gelato crammed into that sandwich then you’d usually get on a cone or in a dish. I can see why Sara calls it a “meal replacement” and not just dessert!

According to the comments, this Sicilian tradition can also be found in Turin, and is apparently the normal way to get ice cream in Singapore (who knew?). If you see it anywhere else in Italy, let me know so we can all mark our maps. I mean, even though I’m not encouraging you to eat gigantic gelato-brioche sandwiches every day, I’m perfetly willing to give it a try myself. You know, in the name of research. Or something.