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WhyGo Italian Recipe Box: Italian Classics You Can Make at Home

One of the things that can easily capture the heart of any traveler in Italy is the cuisine. Italian food is world-famous for being wonderful and also wonderfully simple to make. But sometimes re-creating the Italian classics you’ve eaten while on vacation with the ingredients you have available to you in your home supermarket can be tricky – which is why I’m collecting a series of recipes here on WhyGo Italy which I’m calling:

Italian Classics You Can Make at Home

The idea is that when you’ve come back from your Italy vacation but you’re not ready to give up the flavors of Italy, you can whip up these classic Italian recipes in your own home. Because I’m not much of a cook – and certainly not one to experiment in the kitchen – I’ve called upon my foodie blogger friends to help me populate the WhyGo Italy Recipe Box. Keep checking back to find out what’s been added, or click on the “Italian recipe” tag to get a complete list of all the posts related to this little project.

So far, the WhyGo Italy Recipe list is a little short… But eventually, I’m hoping to have recipes for all kinds of dishes and all points of a meal. If you’ve got a request for a particular Italian dish, or if you’ve got a recipe you’d like to contribute, please send me a message and let me know.

Antipasti (Starters)
Fried Zucchini Flowers (Robin Locker)

Zuppe (Soups)
Italian Lentil Soup (Judith Klinger)

Primi Piatti (First Courses)
Pasta alla Carbonara (Robin Locker)

Dolci (Desserts)
Strawberry Gelato (Jessica Spiegel)
Chocolate Gelato (Jessica Spiegel)
Tiramisu (Paula Jones)
Candied Limoncello Lemon Peels (Lily Thang)

Bevande (Drinks)
Limoncello (Jessica Spiegel)

original photo by brighterworlds on Flickr