There’s information here on both cities and more remote destinations – from the top to the toe of the beautiful boot.

Seeing Milan‘s Duomo lit up on a clear and crisp autumn night is just about the best introduction to the city that I can imagine. The husband and I wandered around the square, looking up at the beautiful cathedral – blissfully almost entirely free of scaffolding – and just enjoying […]

First Night in Milan

Either someone at the New York Times has a serious love affair happening with Italy (understandable), or there’s something fishy going on. They’ve had more Italian destinations in their “36 Hours” series than I can remember, and the latest is on a city I’ve come to love and which many […]

NY Times Trying to Sell Bologna

Okay, it’s not really closed, but I’m beginning to think it should be. At least sometimes. I know I’m going to ruffle some feathers here, but I think the Cinque Terre – while beautiful – should be off-limits to about 75% of the people who tramp through it each year. […]

The Cinque Terre is Closed

In the July/August issue of National Geographic Traveler, I read and enjoyed the cover story – of a mother and her grown son taking a two-week cycling trip through Umbria and Tuscany – although I remained conscious that I was only getting one person’s point of view. The article was […]

A Mother-Son Biking Trip in Italy