I’ve been busy lately updating some parts of WhyGo Italy that you may not see every day, so I wanted to take a moment and let you know that if you haven’t poked around on the site lately you might want to do so. One of the perks of writing […]

New Updates to WhyGo Italy

You may recall that not too long ago we were running a survey on WhyGo Italy to see what you thought of the site – and you may be even more pleased to know that we’re taking your feedback seriously, implementing changes based on what you told us. One of […]

New WhyGo Italy Feature: Easy-to-Print Pages

I returned late on Saturday night from my three-week trip to Italy. I’m sad the trip is over, and simultaneously happy to be home (in my own comfy bed!). I’ve got all kinds of photos, video, stories, and tips to share with you – and I’m excited to get back […]

I’m Back!

In the just-over-three years I’ve been working at BootsnAll, I’ve had three different titles and two sets of business cards, neither of which I’ve run out of. The current ones say I’m a “travel writer,” which covers just about everything I do – but lately I’m beginning to think I […]

The Accidental Italy Travel Consultant

Are you an internet junkie who just can’t get enough Italy news? Or are you simply an Italophile looking for another way to kill time at work? Either way, I’ve got something for you – the Italy Logue Twitter feed. Twitter, in case you haven’t heard of it, is a […]

Italy Logue on Twitter

It’s now just about a week since I returned to the US from my six-week trip to Italy, and although the first couple of days were fine – little to no jetlag, getting reacquainted with my cats, teaching the cafe around the corner how to make a marocchino – things […]

Maybe I’m just homesick for Italy…