Here’s a roundup of the latest news from Italy: January 16th through January 18th: Italy’s Accordion Industry: Tiny And ThrivingSpeaking of Italian crafts (see the Roundtable posts below), here's this story from NPR about Italy's "accordion industry." (via @WalksofItaly on Twitter) Italy Train Ticket Discounts: Now up to 60%!Good news, […]

Italy Travel News 01/18/2012

Italy Train Travel Tips In case you missed it, I put together a list of some of my best tips for traveling by train in Italy – and I'd love your input, too. If the hard-earned advice that you hand out to friends isn't listed in this article, please let […]

Italy Travel News 03/03/2011

My Favorite SouvenirsMy friend Chris of the Amateur Traveler & This Week in Travel podcasts published a guest post I sent him not long ago, about some of my favorite souvenirs I’ve bought while traveling. My very favorite ever is from Italy – of course! Air Italy FlightsFrom what I […]

Italy Travel News 01/21/2011

<a href="" rel="nofollow noopener" target="_blank"Italy Food EtiquetteThis is a lovely post by Sherry Ott that includes some tips for dining in Italy. Aside from the information, the photos alone are worth clicking through to see. New Focus on Italian Food’s AuthenticityUnlike the title suggests, I think the “Italianissimi” project is […]

Italy Travel News 01/05/2011

Episode 23: My Calabria « Eye on Italy Podcast The latest Eye On Italy podcast is up – this week we chatted with Rosetta Costantino about her new cookbook, "My Calabria," and Rosetta kindly made a copy of the book available for us to give away to one lucky listener. […]

Italy Travel News 11/11/2010

The Weirdest Laws in Italy Italy has some odd laws – including many that you might accidentally break as a visitor without realizing it. Here's just a sample. Episode 13: Q&A: Travel in & Moving to Italy, Part 1 A couple weeks ago on the Eye On Italy podcast, we […]

Italy Travel News 07/26/2010

How to visit Venice, Italy, for $50 a day or lessThis video (which features an appearance by Bianca Reyes, who I met on my last trip to Venice) has some good ideas for visiting Venice without spending a fortune. I’ve also listed many free things to do in Venice here, […]

Italy Travel News 07/08/2010

Italy has most bank robberies in Europe“Of the 4,150 bank robberies that were reported in Europe in 2009, 1,744 — or 42 percent — were done in Italy.” (via @michellefabio on Twitter) More etruscan tombs open in TarquiniaThe town of Tarquinia in Lazio is home to the National Etruscan Museum, […]

Italy Travel News 07/02/2010

Flashmob Circles the ColosseumThe city of Rome had a birthday last week, and to celebrate a flashmob gathered to give the Colosseum a “hug.” Very cute. Meeting boys on Italian trainsI enjoyed this short vignette – both for the amusement of the girls knowing what the boys were saying about […]

Italy Travel News 04/30/2010

Brothel raid in FlorencePolice raiding a brothel in Florence got a bit of a surprise when they found the women to be not what they were expecting. It turned out to be two women in their 60s and one in her late 40s, one of whom was just trying to […]

Italy Travel News 04/28/2010

Weird Food From ItalyThere’s plenty of odd food to be found in Italy – it’s certainly not all pizza and pasta! Here are some of Italy’s stranger culinary offerings. Italy’s economy to grow by 0.5 percentSome stories – like this one – seem to be indicating that Italy’s economy is […]

Italy Travel News 04/23/2010

Italy’s troubled economy: Still tottering Greece's economic straits are all over the news lately, but Italy's economy isn't in a much rosier position. Berlusconi vows to free Italy of tax “oppression” I can totally get behind the idea of wanting to reduce the amount of bureaucracy and red tape in […]

Italy Travel News 04/19/2010