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Cheap Hostels in Amalfi

Travelers who are on a serious budget may hear “Amalfi Coast” and assume it’s off-limits to anyone but the rich and famous. Yes, it can be more expensive to visit the Amalfi Coast than some other parts of Italy, and you can certainly splurge on a gorgeous hotel with seaviews if you want to, but there are also cheaper places to stay in Amalfi.
While there aren’t many traditional hostels on the Amalfi Coast, there are lots of budget-friendly options that call themselves hostels in accommodation listings to appeal to budget travelers. These can be small family-run hotels that don’t have bathrooms in every room, or B&Bs, or even rooms available for rent in people’s homes. It’s always worth checking the listings to see what you can get for a bargain.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Amalfi