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Cheap Hostels in Catania

Sicily has a reputation both inside and outside Italy – some people think of it as more challenging to visit than other parts of Italy, some think it’s where you find the “real” Italy. Some think mainly of the incredible Greek ruins, others focus on the incredible beaches. Whatever your opinion of Sicily is, one thing is for sure – while the prices on accommodation might be cheaper overall in Sicily than other places in Italy, in the high season those low rates can skyrocket. Which is why it’s a good thing there are hostels in Catania for budget travelers.
You’ll note on the map below that not all the Catania hostels indicated are traditional hostels. Sure, you’ll find some dorm-room style places here – but in addition to that, there will be other places that are more like guest houses. They’re on the map because they’re budget-friendly, but if you’re expecting hostel bars and bunk beds in every place listed here you might be disappointed.

Search this map to find cheap hostels in Catania